Horslips Review in The Berkeley Barb, 1973

Muntz has all the Hits!, Canadian advertisement, 1974

Barry Devlin explains the Tain to American audience
sound file in MP3 format, 889k
Bottom Line, setlist, March

"Win a Trip to Ireland," Contest, Boston Real Paper, March

"Horslips in New York," news item, Valley News, April 27

"If Rock's What You Think About...", unknown publication, May 15

Postcard from Larry Kirwan, New York City musician

"Irish Rock and Roll with Roots in Mythology", San Francisco Bay Guardian, May 17

Short Stories Tall Tales, advertisement, Boston Real Paper, November

Horslips Backstage, candid photography -
Part One and Part Two
(Previously posted on site. But as promised: grapes and skinny ties. Especially on JIm.)

Interview, Circus Magazine, exact date unknown

Short Stories Tall Tales, review, Circus Magazine, exact date unknown

Bottom Line, setlist, November

Parkwest Chicago, setlist, exact date unknown

Short Stories Tall Tales, review, Musician Magazine, 1980
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"What I do remember and it was one of the coolest things I ever saw was a photograph of Horslips walkin' down Fifth Avenue. I thought that was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Just the state of them and the Empire State Building behind them and the clothes they were wearing. When I first went to America myself, and got your photograph taken on Fifth Avenue with the Empire, that's what I was thinking. I thought 'What do I look like? Do I look like the Boys now?'"

John Kelly, interview, Return of the Dancehall Sweethearts
Horslips Tour Dates from  February to May

Aliens reviewed by Don Bergenty, Springfield Daily News, February 17

Scott Muni Gives a "Warm American Welcome" to Horslips, February 21

sound file in Mp3 format, 2700k

Bottom Line, setlist, February

The Philadelphia Judy Story
Previously posted on the site, but provides background on Sigma Sound

Sigma Sound, setlist, February

Concert Ticket, Austin Texas, March 28

"Heard the One about the Irish Band..." NME article on Saint Patricks Day
in Milwaukee, May
- Part One and Part Two
larger image, scroll for all columns

Postcard from Barry Devlin

"Ireland Home to Horslips", article in Springfield Daily News, May 10

Review of Aliens, unknown publication, June

Funky Fun Club News 1: Letter from America
External link to fansite

Postcard from Bono, vocalist for U2

Barry Devlin, Eamon Carr and Johnny Fean interviewed on KSJO
Previously posted on the site, but DUDE! This is, like totally, my favorite Horslips photograph!

Backstage Pass, circa 1978-1979
ALIENS memorabilia

Horslips Tour Dates from  October to November

Horslips "Gave Great Phone," internal promotional material, DJM records
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