"Sparkling with flavor!"

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[Spoken over noise of crowd] Hey Mirinda!

Hey Mirinda
Orange Mirinda

Heyay Mirinda
Orange Mirinda

Hey Hey a-hey Mirinda
Sparkling with flavor
Oh a-ohhh

Hey Hey Hey Mirinda
Orange Mirinda
Oh now. Hey now Hey Hey Mirinda
Sparkling with the flavor

Hey Hey Hey Mirinda
Orange Mirinda


Easter Monday, 1972

Behind the Scenes:

At last it can be revealed! The true story behind the Mirinda commercial.

This bizarre episode began when, unknown to Horslips, an advertising agency took some great shots of the band and an audience at a free concert we played on a Sunday afternoon in Blackrock Park. From these they constructed a demo cinema commercial for their client who liked the proposal.

The agency then contacted us and asked if we'd make ourselves available to play a free concert in the grounds of Ardmore Studios in Bray and appear in the commercial.

The bad news was that they wanted us to mime to a jingle that had already been written and recorded (in Germany, I think).

They would stage a free festival gig. All of the support acts would get a fee and the audience would be supplied with free soft drinks (natch!), ice-cream and crisps.

At that point we were dependent on hire companies for our PA equipment and had been frequently having logistical problems with availability, quality, transportation etc. To own a PA to our own specifications that would cater for our unique mix of electric and acoustic instrumentation was a dream.

The fee for the Miranda gig made it a reality. Hurray!

And, yes, as you might expect, the debate about whether we were "selling out" was intense.

But the equation seemed simple enough to me. While we risked looking foolish miming to a jingle by some German session players, we were going to headline a great outdoors free festival on a great stage with other bands etc AND as part of the tradeoff get to own our own rig.

I'd seen those early ads the Beatles did for Lybro jeans. And The Stones and other bands had recorded radio commercials for Coke. I may even had a premonition that one day Dylan would endorse a line of lingerie (!) so Mirinda was a doddle.

The commercial was never shown on TV. It was intended for cinema! (It only recently - last few years - turned up onsome retro flashback TV show)

A no brainer, as they say. Money for someone else's old rope. (I'm still waiting for the Devil to get back to me on a price for my second-hand soul.)

The festival and the timing of it was a great boost for a "new" young band who just happened to have a debut single creating a buzz on radio and in the charts. Plus the fact that we were doing such a festival (with its vague echoe of those seminal concerts in Golden Gate Park) was something novel. Besides, innovation had become, and would continue to be, a feature of the Horslips experience.

Oh, and we got to choose the support acts. One was a diminutive man with big eyebrows who wore a satin stars'n'stripes suit. His name was Chris De Burgh.

The advertised gig had to be rescheduled (from Easter Sunday to Easter Monday, I think) because of rain. We may have gone on to play a gig later that night somewhere in the midlands. But overall the Ardmore shoot was a hoot.

Eamon Carr, email to site, 24 June 2010

General Notes:

PepsiCo, the owners of Mirinda, seemed to have followed the youth culture template established in 1971 by Coca-Cola's iconic I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing television commercial that evoked the spirit of an outdoor music festival on a hillside in Rome. Like the taping of our Horslips Mirinda commercial, Coca-Cola also faced delays due to rain.

Lee Templeton

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