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Part of the Annotated Horslips Lyrics Pages
Compiled by Lee Templeton, San Francisco

Oats: MOO23

Produced by Horslips


  1. Eamon Carr--Drums, percussion
  2. Barry Devlin--Bass, vocals
  3. Jim Lockhart--Piano, keyboard, low whistle, vocals
  4. Johnny Fean--Guitar, tenor guitar, slide guitar, tenor banjo, vocals
  5. Charles O'Connor--Guitar, tenor guitar, violin, concertina, mandolin, vocals


  1. Aisling Drury Bryne, Cello on "Cúchulainn's Lament", "Furniture"

Photography and design: Charles O'Connor, Artwork: Charles O'Connor and Chris Ellis


  1. Trouble (With a Capital T)
  2. The Man Who Built America
  3. Guests of the Nation
  4. Faster Than the Hound
  5. Huish the Cat
  6. Mad Pat
  7. The Wrath of the Rain
  8. Flirting in the Shadows
  9. Cúchulainn's Lament
  10. Ace and Duece
  11. Blindman
  12. Furniture
  13. The Power and the Glory
  14. Long Weekend
  15. My Love is in America

First Posted: February 11, 2007
Last Revised: February 2, 2008