"Dare you revisit--THE GREEN GRAVE?"

Part of the Annotated Horslips Lyrics Pages
Compiled by Lee Templeton, San Francisco

Oats: MOO13

Produced by various, see individual track listings as they are available.


  1. Eamon Carr--drums, bodhran
  2. Charles O'Connor--Fiddle, mandolin, concertina, vocals
  3. Barry Devlin--Bass, vocals
  4. Jim Lockhart--Keyboards, flute, tin whistle, vocals
  5. John Fean--Guitar, banjo, vocals


  1. Declan Sinnott, Guitar on "Motorway Madness," "Johnny's Wedding," and "Flower Amang Them All"
  2. Gus Guest, Guitar on "Green Gravel" and "The Fairy King"

Photography: Ian Finlay, Original Design: Charles O'Connor, Art: John Webb, Artwork: Chris Ellis*


  1. Motorway Madness
  2. Johnny's Wedding
  3. Flower Amang Them All
  4. Green Gravel
  5. The Fairy King
  6. Dearg Doom
  7. The High Reel
  8. Phil the Fluter's Rag
  9. Come Back Beatles
  10. The Fab Four Four
  11. Daybreak
  12. Oisin's Tune

First Posted: 11 February, 2007
Last Revised: 30 July, 2010