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The Marshmen
Electric Blueshouse Band
Blood or Whiskey
Common Ground
The Shots
Celtic Hangover
King Bathmat
The Milesians
Christian Reigneau
Jim Fitzpatrick Official Site
Barry McCabe
Emm Gryner
Mama's Boys
Chris Somers
The Horslips Tribute Act, Omagh
The Radiators Plan 9
"See him driving those golden nails
that hold together the silver bars"
Horslips Records
Dave Fanning Show
Johnny Fean and Steve Travers
Charles O'Connor and Stonehouse
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MID 106 FM, Francie Quinn
Reviewing the Evidence, Shaz Wheeler
Recommended General Reference Sites - no Horslips songs but ad-free and informative - not too bad with the ads, and they have 30 Horslips songs tabbed
Prog - Horslips is well-loved on this site.
If there is a link that should be included on this page, email and we'll add it as soon as possible. - Excellent site and Launchcast Radio Station. Be sure to leave a comment for Horslips!
The Watch
Drumming Up Hope, Mark Cunningham
Captain America's - serving Ireland's best burgers since 1971
Carr's Cocktail Shack on Choice FM Dublin
The Roisin Dubh Trust, Commemorating the artistic life of Philip Parris Lynott