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CBH News Archives: Horslips - Individual Projects - Friends and Family

Other News Archives: Videos - CBH Photo Albums - Sound Files - Posters - Memorabilia - CBH Exhibits and Special Projects - Fan Forums and Boards

CBH News Archives

Articles on Horslips and their music:
  1. Celtic Rock legend Johnny Fean joins Wall of Fame at Denver's Fado Pub
    Press release for presentation of Fean portrait to Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant, March 17, 2007.
  2. How Derry Got Us Back
    Article by Harry Doherty, October 2006. With special thanks to Jim Harkin for article scan.
  3. Classic Rock Magazine article on Horslips
    Classic Rock article by Harry Doherty, October 2006. Title unknown.*
  4. Review of Return of the Dancehall Sweethearts
    Irish Times review by Tony Clayton-Lea, November 18, 2005.
  5. KFOG's Ten at Ten Saint Patrick's Day setlist
    KFOG 104.5 FM, March 17, 2005.
  6. Peace building workshops are based on legend
    (Horslips briefly cited) Belfast Telegraph, June 30 2004.
  7. HITS and MYTHS: A Rapid Music History from Carolan to U2
    Introduction - Horslips Part 1 - Horslips Part 2
  8. The Building of Horslips: Part Two
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four
    Hot Press article by Bill Graham, Date Unknown.*
  9. Horslips: Up to Date
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three
    Starlight Interview and Cover Story by T.P. McCurtain, September 6, 1979.
  10. Heard the One about the Irish Band and the Green Beer?
    Part One and Part Two
    Horslips in Milwaukee on Saint Patrick's Day. NME article by Andy Gill, 1978.
  11. Melody Maker Band Breakdown
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five
    Melody Maker article by Harry Doherty, December 3, 1977.
  12. Horseplay: Kurt Dallas explains how Horslips are rocking the boat
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight
    Let it Rock, July 1974.
  13. New Spotlight cover featuring Horslips
    The Great Trad Revival, February 6, 1972.
Articles on individual members and projects:
  1. The Boy is Back in Town
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four
    Johnny Fean and others interviewed on the weekend of the Phil Lynott statue presentation in Dublin
    Irish Examiner, August 2005.
  2. The Beatle v The Frog, Eamon Carr in the Evening Herald
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four
    July, 2005. It's late night dinner at Sinnott's and the topic is Danny Zuko and Sandy Olson v Bob Geldof. Guess which side I picked?
  3. Carr's Guide to Quirky Cover Versions
    Some people call me Maurice...
Articles on friends and families:
  1. Not Wanted on Voyage
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four -
    John O'Farrell writes about the photography of David Creedon currently in the Ghosts of the Faithful Departed exhibition, April 2007.
  2. Trouble Pilgrim review in Hot Press
    Radiators from Space album review by Jackie Hayden, December 2006.
  3. Phil Chevron correspondence with Cat Licks
    Hot Press letter to the editor from our own Chevron Og writing about the Dublin hipster scene back in the day.
Other News Archives (External Links)
  1. Horslips Official Site: News and Press
  2. Horslips Official Site: Re-Group and Roll Back Articles from the release of Roll Back and subsequent history of Horslips.
  3. Horslips Official Site: The History of Horslips Exhibition Articles from the first History of Horslips Exhibition in Derry, March 2004.
  4. Horslips Official Site: The Outlet Files
    Articles covering the legal struggle for Horslips to regain control of their music and artistic legacy.
  5. Horslips Official Site: The Archives
    A treasure-trove of past articles and clippings spanning the full history of the band. Set aside a day for this link!
  6. John O'Regan's review of Roll Back, Green Man Review.
  7. Horslips.com (fansite) Media Files
    Some very unusual things gathered here. Worth the time to review.
  8. Carr's Cocktail Shack Archives
  9. Carr's Cocktail Shack gets blogged! Blog posting by Dermod Moore, September 25, 2005.

Links to You Tube videos are not working at this time. Stay tuned for further developments!
  1. Folk Hibernia Extract featuring Planxty and Horslips
    RTE, January 2007.
  2. Jim Lockhart sings Ny Kirree fo Naghtey at Anniversary Party for Book of Invasions
    Dublin, November 2006.
  3. Horslips on Ardan, TG4
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine
    RTE Studios, March 2006.
  4. Horslips on Other Voices
    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five
    Dingle, December 2005, Broadcast February 2006.
  5. Horslips on the Late Late Show
    Part One and Part Two
    RTE Studios, January 21 2005.*
  6. Horslips - Late Late Show 21 Jan 2005
    Stills from the performance.
  7. Ireland's Greatest Hits - Dearg Doom
    Show and date unknown.*
  8. Horslips perform Guests of the Nation, Ulster television
    One of their last television appearances prior to the break-up, exact date unknown, 1979.*
  9. Horslips in Mirinda commercial
    Ardmore Studios, Bray, 1972.

CBH Photo Albums

  1. Horslips: vintage and modern photos of the band
    In order of discovery, needs to be re-organized.
  2. Johnny Fean and Steve Travers
    Celebrating their contribution to Celtic Blues.
  3. Fan Pages
    Horslips fans and their stories as sent to CBH.
  4. Maurice Linnane Gallery
    Thirty individual photos online currently.
  5. Belfast Exhibition Photos by Kevin McGrath, photographer
    Twenty-seven individual photos online currently.
  6. Other Voices Taping in Dingle, December 2005
    Thirty-one individual photos online currently.
  7. Ardan Taping at RTE Studios, March 2006
    An amazing FIFTY-ONE individual photos online currently.
  8. Visit to Horslypse and McGurks, Omagh, March 2006
    Thirteen individual photos online currently.
  9. Visit to Francie Quinn and Joe Floorboard, Cookstown, March 2006
    Six individual photos online currently.
  10. Horslips and Horslypse perform together in August 2006
    Twelve individual photos online currently.

Sound Files

  1. Mystery Train Promo Spot in wav format.


  1. Ghosts of the Faithful Departed, Fota House Installation
    Cork, June 2007.
  2. Ghosts of the Faithful Departed, Ballina Arts Center Installation
    Ballina, April 2007.
  3. Ghosts of the Faithful Departed, Irish American Heritage Center Installation
    Chicago, October 2006.
  4. Horslypse with Horslips Concert
    St. Joseph's Hall, Omagh, August 25, 2006.
  5. Horslypse: A Horslips Tribute, December concert
    I.N.F. Hall, Omagh, December 29, 2005.
  6. The History of Horslips Exhibition Poster
    Drogheda installation, October 6, 2005.
  7. Horslips Tribute Act concert
    I.N.F. Hall in Omagh, August 11, 2005.
  8. Horslips Tribute Act premiere
    CBS Assembly Hall in Omagh, April 28, 2005.
  9. Johnny Fean - I am the One
    Derry, October 23, 2002.
  10. Horslips at Whit Week-End concert
    Sligo, Jun 4 - 7, 1972.*

Horslips Memorabilia

  1. Other Voices taping ticket
    St James Church, Dingle, December 12, 2005
  2. National Stadium concert ticket
    April 23, year unknown.*
  3. Students Union, N.I. Polytechnic, Jordanstown concert ticket
    February 16, 1975.
  4. Tara Telephone concert ticket
    February 4, year unknown.*
  5. Horslips Tribute Act (Now Horslypse: Tribute with a Capital T) T-Shirt for Drogheda performance
    Front View.
  6. Horslips Tribute Act (Now Horslypse: Tribute with a Capital T) T-Shirt for Drogheda performance
    Back View.
  7. Invitation to Exhibition of the brush drawings of Louis le Brocquy, H.R.H.A. from the epic, The T�in
    Peppercanister Gallery, September 22, 2005
  8. Press Release for Exhibition of the brush drawings of Louis le Brocquy, H.R.H.A. from the epic, The T�in
    Peppercanister Gallery, September 22, 2005.

CBH Exhibits and Special Projects

  1. Every Black Dress Tells a Story: Horslips in America Archives
    Promotional splash advertisement.
  2. Comebackhorslips' Saint Patrick's Day Greeting Card for 2007.
  3. Green Turns to Gold
    Neo-Psychedelic band from London, Mood Six offers a tribute to the Horslips classic Drive the Cold Winter Away.
  4. Carr's Cocktail Shack visits with Dolly Parton
  5. Beyond the Tears: the Barry McCabe CD Give-Away Contest
    Contest is now closed.
  6. Comebackhorslips Saint Patrick's Day Greeting Card for 2006
    Music Links are inactive now.
  7. The Legend of Joe Floorboard
    Oh *sigh* Will Joe and the Swinging Testicles ever reunite for gigs?
    Mark Cunningham, Perforated Eardrum and Horslypse made Lipricon history. Now it's YOUR turn.
  9. The Weasy Archives
    Diary - News Clippings - The Man Who Built America tour program and memorabilia
  10. The Philadelphia Judi Story
    "She was just an American Girl, raised on promises.
    She couldn't help thinkin' that there was a little more to life somewhere else
    After all it was a great big world..."
  11. The Secret Flann O'Brien Tribute Page
    Andy Gill and I have at least ONE thing in common after all! And how many of you found the hidden link to this very early, unpublicized CBH tribute? Special thanks to Perforated Eardrum, photographer.
  12. Comebackhorslips Premieres on January 2005
    One of the oldest versions of the unofficial fansite on Geocities.

Fan Forums and Message Boards

  1. Official Horslips Guestbook
    The Green Pages. The soul and heartbeat of the global online Horslips fan community.
  2. Comebackhorslips Guestbook
  3. Horslypse Tribute Group Guestbook
  4. Speed the Plough Discussion Board
  5. Comebackhorslips Guestbook Archive
    First posts transcribed from the older Geocities software. Somewhat cryptic now that I look it over.
  6. Horslips.com (fansite) Guestbook
    Inactive. Scroll past recent spam for earlier posts from genuine fans.

* Seeking further assistance on identification, date, or details. Any help provided is greatly appreciated.

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