(from l to r) BrendanMc, Stephen Ferris,
Jim Lockhart
Orchard Gallery, Derry, March 2004
"Ah - Big Tom McBride. Meself and the Leitrim Man went to see him "live" for the craic in about 1988 in Edgeworthstown. Well it was a sight to behold. All the mountainy men appeared in their velvet jackets (purple or green) and a few bogmen made it as well. When Big Tom shuffled up to the microphone to sing "Gentle Mother" you could hear a pin drop. Indeed there were tears in my eyes at that point. Drank to ease the pain. Got a bop
offa some young wan during "Four Roads to Glenamaddy" and had a 'walk-around-slowly-dance and please God don't let me get an erection.' for "The Old Rustic Bridge"


BrendanMc recalls his other musical interests
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                                                                                                                                                         19 May 2004
Brendan McLoughlin, Stephen Ferris, Jim Lockhart
Donkey Bonking Woman
"The band unfairly written out of the history of Irish Rock."

Under the Wobbly Ashtray
Sunday World
Under the Wobbly Ashtray
Dorie and Jim Lockhart
Backstage, 1979
Canandaigua, New York 1979:

I wonder if Charles remembers having a bottle of Bushmills which broke in his case, but most of the whiskey was still in the bottle....so one or another clever lad decided to strain the whiskey through somebody's sock to get the bits of glass out, then passed it round for all to enjoy. The whiskey, not the sock.
Dorie Jennings and Jim Lockhart
Joking aside, the most memorable thing about Horslips, besides the brilliant music, was their friendliness....no pop-star heads on these lads, they were always happy to chat with the fans, sign albums, come out for a pint after the show. Indeed, all you had to do to get invited for a drink with Barry was throw things at him while he was playing! (it was a glow-stick, and I didn't hit him too hard)  The band and the music were a huge important part of my adolescence......and now that I'm about to enter my second adolescence, I'm thrilled to have another recording to love!

                                                                                         Read on the Dave Fanning Show, 21/21/04
Pilib and Mrs. De Rossa
Pilib and Phyllis de Rossa
(Before the gift is opened)
My dear wife Phyllis de Rossa celebrates her birthday this Friday. Iím still struggling to think of a birthday present for her. In the past Iíve bought her things like a new ironing board, a new electric kettle and a lovely boxed set of shoe polishes and brushes. However such gifts have been received with a lesser degree of enthusiasm than Iíd hoped. Has anyone any suggestions?

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                                         12 October, 2004
I've had it with women. Ä120 spent on a birthday present for her, a beautiful Qualcast Concord 180 lawn mower and she's still not happy. I can only assume this must be because she wanted the 240 version which I couldn't afford as I lost a fortune this week on Francie Quinn's donkeys. Prepare the spare room Francie I'm on my way.
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                                                                             15 October, 2004
Barry Devlin and Francie Quinn
Francie Quinn and Barry Devlin, MidFM 106 Interview
Mid 106/107.2 Studios
i was alone in a small room with barny drivel for about an hour last night! at least he had the decency to drive me home afterwards.

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                                        9 December 2004
As for my ex-friend pilib-have you no sense of discretion? good job i didn't tell you all my secrets or the lovely Phyllis would have had to figure out
what to do with an expensively gift-wrapped donkey wearing a basque and a scuba mask.

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                                                                                                                                 16 February 2005
Smokey Joe
Did anybody find a packet of fags in the City Hotel?

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             23 March 2004
"And should the Moocher walk in
You just tell her you've been talkin'
to the ghost of Smokey Joe"

Cab Calloway