Lee Templeton and Pilib de Rossa
S. Pam, Pilib, and Big Tom (on Disc)
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"It was a magic moment when my eyes were caught by those of the beautiful young woman across the room. In her sparkling gaze, I saw my future...and hers. But a bum horseracing tip had reduced my fortunes and my confidence to their lowest ebb and I seemed destined to stand mute while others vied for her favor. Just then, some kind soul threw their money in the jukebox, and Big Tom's ice-breaking "Gentle Mother" filled the room. It was then that I found the courage to ask the future Mrs. de Rossa to be my partner...for the night and for always. Thanks, Big Tom!"
                 "Pilib" on Big Tom and the Mainliners'
                                                     25 Golden Greats
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                                                as spotted by S. Pam
Lee Templeton's husband and Hawaiian Shirt
Mr. Templeton
This sure doesn't look like the Jimmy Buffett Fan site to me.

As long as I'm here, though, does anyone have the ukulele tabs to "Dearg Doom?"
Boat drinks...waitress I need two more boat drinks
Johnny Fean, Barry Devlin, Charles O'Connor, Eamon Carr, Jim Lockhart
(from l-r) Johnny Fean, Myles Lally, Barry Devlin, Charles O'Connor, Eamon Carr, Jim Lockhart
Grouse Lodge, Summer 2004
Regarding tracks on the Moo 23, there's a few brilliant surprises, watch out for a bottleneck that causes a lot of Trouble!

The times they always are changin?

There's also the silence of a feline involved too .

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                                       20 October 2004