welcomes the sort of tintypes and portraits that you can take home to the family.
Well, I have to say I am in lust. From the moment she opened her luscious, peach-like mouth and her lazy North Carolingian drawl said a great big Hi to me, the ould fella leapt into life and has been bothering me to go out and play ever since. About 5'6", large tracts of (organic) land and a surprisingly quick turn of mind. She's no thicko and to hear someone with such beautiful, proper Southern diction saying some of the things she was saying, well, ....I declare!

Next step is to hook up with her at the Erotica Expo here in boring Palmerston North and maybe have an ould dance at the after-show party to which I have been invited. God, sometimes being a journalist is actually worth it.
Donnacha and RaVeness
...A younger me (last year) playing with
The Exiles (or 3/5 of them anyway, the rhythm section got lost in the pub -- true story, it was St Patrick's Day) in The Square in Palmerston North, as part of the
annual Festival of Cultures. Our band's motto...This time next year we'll be huge. Still waiting.  Anyway, from memory, this is me on guitar and Jack Dowds on
mandolin playing King of the Fairies to an aghast audience which was actually looking for some culture.
Sean Hennessy's Rock Photography
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Horslips Tribute Band Members with Barry Devlin
Ryan O'Sullivan, Michael Rafferty
and Barry Devlin
The idea of a tribute band to the Celtic Rock supergroup, Horslips, first surfaced in late 2004.  Organ player Michael Rafferty, after listening to numerous records by the group, formed the idea of bringing together a group of musicians for one performance in tribute to the band.   As the idea began to gather realistic potential, Ryan OíSullivan was approached and soon recruited as the groupís guitar player.  As word spread about the possibility of a tribute band forming, it became apparent that a number of other musicians, who cited Horslips as a main influence, were interested.  The group soon recruited John Kelly on vocals, Conor McAloon on lead guitar, Daniel McCormack on bass guitar, and Damien Maguire on drums and percussion.  The traditional side of the group consisted of Michael Kielty on flute, Patrick Bogues on fiddle, and Niall Moore on trumpet.