Joe Floorboard
"Caught in the casual flash of the camera"
An anonymous source has provided with a photograph of one of Ireland's most elusive rock legends. Or so they say.
Is this the man whose incalculable influence on the lives and career paths of the likes of VAN MORRISON and ENYA has not yet been fully revealed? And what of the missing recordings?

Stay tuned.
Joe and the Floorboards
Joe and the Floorboards: Archival Photo
Joe on the subject of how to properly attend a Horslips concerts:

"I am intending to go along on Thursday night. To add 70's authenticity to the event eight of us will be arriving in a grey Minor Van which may or may not have an exhaust. We will be performing handbrake-turns in the car park before the event whilst listening to Pagan Baby by Creedence and Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin on our newly installed 8 Track. (The stream of tape flowing from behind the vehicle will be a consequence of the ritual disembowelling of "Early One Morning " by Mushroom - Devil among the Tailors my arse). On arriving at the gig we will be confirming that all female members of the audience are "fixed up for a lift home" before taking up our positions in front of the Lead Guitarist who will be expected to display a lit cigarette impaled on his E - String. Could some of the organisers provide directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant so that after the show the eleven of us - for we will certainly have been joined by three Girls called Marian - can make our contribution to race relations before heading home, happy as Larry,drunk as skunks, to the strains of Fruup and of course our own lovely Dana."

Official Guestbook, Tuesday 26 April 2005
I have been informed by anonymous sources that the actual "Joe" of the legendary Cookstown band known as 'Joe and the Floorboards' -- or possibly 'Joe and the Swinging Testicles' -- is somewhere in this photograph. This would be from the Horslips era. But which one is Joe?
This close-up offers little help. And, frankly, I'm no David Hemmings and Michelangelo Antonioni was quite rude when I called.