I'm ryan o'sullivan. Me and a few friends are putting on a horslips tribute show within the next month. we are goin to perform the whole book of invasions album live in our school (we're all 16/17). i was wondering if you would put me in contact with the person who made
that wallpaper so i can ask them if they would mind if i used the cartoon horslips ppl for the poster to advertise the concert.


Ryan O'Sullivan
On March 20, 2005, this email showed up in the comebackhorslips.com box:
As a result, the poster did indeed feature artwork that the Guesbook Regulars of the time referred to as "The Lipricons."

The concert at Omagh CBS Assembly Hall was
an outstanding success.
It proved that it is the very music of Horslips
that will -- like the rocks -- remain.
My photos of Horslypse: A Tribute Band on March 26, 2006
Front Room performance in Killyclogher, County Tyrone
The Rocks Remain
CBS Assembly Hall Omagh, 2005